The creative work of this kitten will keep your customers smitten! 

The creative work of this kitten will keep your customers smitten! 

WITH me?


“I really believe that this was a total team effort!  We were all on the same page and speaking the same language… It was a pleasure collaborating with such an amazing talent."  -  Brian U. Senior architect from NBBJ

“You have been so incredible and such a joy to work with. We are very lucky to have had your talent, heart, soul, and energy on this project. I can’t even begin to thank you for the hard work, long hours, and dedication that you’ve poured into this work.”    -Chris T. Seattle Children’s Art Director

“Thank you for helping to create such a beautiful space that will help children on their path to healing.” - Sandra M, Seattle Children’s Interior Design Director

"We were just at Children’s Hospital in Bellevue with my 5 year old and we just LOVED your beautiful murals! They were so happy, inspiring, and calming! (luckily everything is  fine with my son)  If only every clinical  (adult!)  setting in Seattle had your kind of art!" - Claudia H.J. 

There isn't a time I've brought my son  into Bellevue Children's Hospital and made a comment about your artwork!!!! It's outstanding. You bring everything to life, and such a fun colorful yet calming way. I have a special needs teenager and your work has brighten his life on many trips. Thank you for making a difference in the life of my son." - Thrishana J.

"We were just out at Federal Way/South Clinic and WOW WOW WOW!   Your work out there is amazing, fun and just plain wonderful.  I love all of the integration of photography with the art, and the tone and feel that picks up all of the all of the nature/elements in that area.  Thank you – as always – for being such a creative and wonderfully intuitive partner!"- Kathi E. Seattle Childrens' Brand Manager

“Building a chocolate factory has been a dream of mine since I first started working with cacao farmers almost 20 years ago in Latin America. Theo Chocolate is a dream come true. To help convey our passion through our branding we turned to Zaara. Zaara completely understood our mission, embraced our Company and shared our passion for creating beautiful and meaningful products. I loved our logo that Zaara created from the very first moment she unveiled it! Our logo is beautiful, meaningful and timeless – iconic. The packaging that Zaara created for us also captured the attributes that we wanted to share with consumers in an innovative and imaginative way. Theo Chocolate would not be the same without Zaara’s fabulous contributions.Thank you Zaara for your extraordinary work. I love working with you!”
- Joe W. Theo Chocolate Founder


" I am so pleased with the logo, it really encompasses Shelly's and my vision!!!" -Joanne, Chic Amis Boutique owner

"Zaara created logos and branding for 2 of my projects. Her creative talents are absolutely brilliant!! She captured the essence of my 2 businesses (and me) and delivered specified files in correct format, on time, and within budget but beyond what one would expect for a normal business transaction, Zaara is an absolute gem to work with and I love, love, love the creative designs she did for me!" - Jody B. Proprietor

"Zaara has extraordinary vision and talent as an artist and infuses every job she undertakes with her own inimitable brand of social consciousness and authenticity. Few could compete in terms of professionalism, creativity, and artistic talent." Paige H.- Paige Henson Consulting

"Your art is a total JOY to work with! And I'm thrilled how incredibly GORGEOUS things look!" Steffanie L.- Art with Heart