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Dear Diary, hello πŸ’•πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹. It has been a while. Feels good to be back. Yay. 🌼🌻🌻🌻✨

Check out these super cute garden stepping stones I have made with my pawses 😻. My paw powers were activated! They were super easy and inexpensive to make. The other great thing is that I could use the bits and pieces of pottery that I did not want anymore or were broken. In addition to those pieces I went to buy sparkly, plastic XL gemstones (omg, where have these been my whole life?!) and glass beads at the craft store. The other two ingredients for this creative venture were: Quickrete (a cement product for about $15 at Home Depot that came in a manageable size I could carry to my car. It is cleanly packed in a box with a handy handle. Other cement products are in huge, heavy bags and super dusty. Thank you, craft project guardian angel for this option! For the mold, I used the plastic trays that you put under house plants. They are just the right shape and come in many sizes. Heard about aluminum trays used too and you can buy molds in various forms like butterfly and heart made specifically for this purpose on Amazon. However, I did not feel like spending the money on those before checking out the process. So this is how:

Think about the design first and have it laid out. The Quickrete sets fast! It is best to be ready and just pop in the designs right after pouring the mix. Alternatively, feel free to be random and inspired in the moment. It is a blast to have a large spread of bright plastic gemstones and broken pottery to play with. My heart was just so happy with the visuals alone 🦁🐯🐱🌟

This is my work area in the backyard with easy access to water and lots of room to play with layouts. 

This is my work area in the backyard with easy access to water and lots of room to play with layouts. 

This is what the still wet cement looks like in the mold.

This is what the still wet cement looks like in the mold.

Have a designated work area with water access. The first time I did it in the bathroom and made a huge mess. Cleanup was not that hard, but still, outside is much better. Have paper towels or rags handy too.

It is optional to wipe out the plastic tray molds with a few drops of (olive) oil on a paper towel. 

Mix just enough Quickrete for one mold. This is important since stirring a small amount of quickerete is much more comfortable. Since it sets fast, you also don't wanna be stuck with filled molds that are set and hard to put the decorations into. Have a bucket or a container for mixing that you will not need for anything else after, the cement will dry here and there, and it will not clean up. Have a sturdy stir stick, wooden spoon, etc. The mix needs to be the consistency of a thick brownie batter. Not runny! Ok, so mix the cement and water and pour it into the mold. Give it a shake and a few flops to release air bubbles. Then pop whatever you are decorating with on top. Push each piece down enough into the cement mix. Wait for half an hour or so and voila! You have super cute garden stepping stones! How awesome! You can raid your china cabinet and use pieces you no longer want or go to your local Goodwill and stock up on some cute china. It is the best to have a special tool to cut china if you would like to be specific about what part of the design you would want to use. Otherwise, put the piece of china in a plastic bag and smash with a heavy object or drop. This will splinter the porcelain, and you will be able to use less of it. 

The second time I made these, I used regular cement. (My local hardware store carried manageable size bags.) The regular cement took about a week to dry before I could step on it. I broke a cool stone with my favorite design by stepping on it too early. Please follow the product directions and make sure you leave enough time for the cure. 

Enjoy your new super cute garden stepping stones and enjoy your garden. May fantastic beauty blossom in your heart too and may supercute creatures (such as squirrels and bunnies and chickadees) play in your yard! If so, send me some pics or art with that!

That is it for today Dear Diary. Signing off, the tree spirits from outside my window say HI!