How much will it cost to work with me?

My compensation is based on the time I invest in a project. For graphic design and packaging, most assignments are estimated on a project basis. My estimates include a flat concept fee (time spend coming up with ideas) PLUS an hourly breakdown for the time needed to execute the concept. Otherwise, I bill my time at $ 125.00 per hour for extra design work and meetings. For illustration projects, the usage/intellectual property rights transferred to you will factor into pricing. We will figure out the exact use you need for the art, and your estimate will reflect this accordingly. Murals are billed per square foot ($46 for a single color, $57 for full color) in addition to a flat concept fee. This fee does not include production or installation. 

During the course of the project, I always keep you up to date and informed of progress. Activities that will affect the schedule or budget (over 20%) will be identified in writing. My goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. I aim to make sure that my art will surpass all your expectations.