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The most unique advantage of my work lies in my innately intuitive way of problem solving, my use of a truly unique visual language and most importantly: producing results that express the soul of your project.

My work carries a distinctive emotional charge
. It builds a direct link to the heart, it inspires and moves the viewer to be open to your message. My clients confirm that reaching their target audience on this deep level allows them to create an especially positive impression, that brings a high value to their message and brand. (This value becomes very clearly measurable in their earning reports as well!) Graphic work produced this way becomes a powerful core asset that you can leverage in many ways for years to come.

My client base include: Seattle Children's Hospital, Theo Chocolate, Starbucks Coffee Company, K2, Ride Snowboards.

Got a message to convey? Let KittenChops bring it to life...

The effective communication that I produce is the end result of a concept centered process. Whether targeting a specific branding objective, conveying an emotion or projecting a mood with an illustration, these are the practical key steps:

1. Once we have established that we are the right client-designer/illustrator match for the project (awesome!) I ask you to tell me everything about your vision, YOUR GOALS and exact deliverables. This initial discussion would happen preferably in person on the phone/skype or in email. We talk about your project background, project objective, scope of your project, your target audience, your competition, your inspiration, the desired look and feel, musts/must nots.

2. Following this conversation I prepare a CREATIVE BRIEF+ESTIMATE for you to approve (free of charge). It will be based on all the facts/objectives I've just learnt from you. In this document the necessary work gets laid out step by step, expenses/work hours are estimated (most work is billed and estimated on a project basis, but you will be given estimated work hours as well), schedule is set. If you are happy to proceed and accept the terms, we both sign and this document becomes our work CONTRACT.

3. In case of an ILLUSTRATION PROJECT, besides all of the above you will be asked about how exactly you would like to put the art to work: category of use/medium of use/time period of use/geographical area of use.

4. I usually require 30-40% of the estimated fee up front to get started on the project, the rest is due after all the work is done but before sending files to press.

5. Once all the practicalities are squared away, my creative process kicks in with extensive research, brainstorming and sketching.

6. For concepts I always present several creative options. Most of my clients have a hard time choosing their favorite direction!

7. Making it all come together: I carry out the necessary technical and art production work for both illustration and design: inking artwork, scanning and creating digital files.

8. During the whole process we work together, communicate and exchange feedback since I believe that my clients are my creative partners.

9. The work is finalized to perfection, as it answers to all the objectives established in the brief. All gets done on schedule and within budget, you now happily enjoy your vision brought to life! Your investment in custom design work brings you unlimited joy and measureable financial benefits!

10. My process has worked out wonderfully for many happy (return) clients and has also been recognized in industry publications such asCommunication Arts Illustration and Design Annuals, Print, Re:Bound Northwest Design Awards.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions on the design/illustration process.

I am super excited to be working with you on your next creative project, my KittenChops Paw Powers are ready to create! Let's get started, contact me today!