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Theo Chocolate Theo Classic Line original logo+packaging designed to create visuals for new, superior quality chocolate products. Theo is a locally owned, "bean to bar" chocolate factory..
Starbucks Coffee Company Starbucks Coffee bag illustration for a citrusy, African coffee blend.
Starbucks Coffee Company A new year promotion illlustrated and designed for Asian Starbucks stores, utilizing the local holiday colors and symbolism.
Urban Coffee Oppurtunities An in-store Starbucks mural depicting the vibrant life of urban, mixed ethnic neighborhoods.
Romeo and Juliet Mugs Mugs illustrated for a Valentine's day promotion, telling the story of the star crossed lovers.
Hear Music CD packaging and illustration for a selection of the historically most significant songs in reggae.
Ride Snowboards Snowboard concepts for the Solace line of women's boards.
Hear Music 5 CD packaging and illustration for a collection of songs from contemporary female vocalists.
Theo Chocolate Theo Fantasy Flavor Line original packaging. Each bar has an unusual and exciting flavor combo and each illustration tells the story of that flavor.
Theo Chocolate Congo Bars to benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative: providing education and job opportunities in Eastern Congo.
Night on the Delta CD packaging and illustration for a live performance cd to benefit legendary blues musicians.
Starbucks Coffee Company A Valentine's day merchandise illustration: a promotion for Starbucks International.
Starbucks Coffee Company This Ipanema Bourbon coffee illustration tells the story of some of the social customs and superstitions associated with coffe in Brazil.
LoveBody Masssage Oils Illustration for LoveBody a locally produced, organic massage oil, color coded with fruit flavors.
K2 Snowboards illustrations for K2 Kandi, a snowboard line for young girls.
Tasveer Promotional poster illustrated and designed for the Seattle South Asian Film Festival.
Theo Chocolate Classic line redesign Theo refreshed Classic line packaging: paying homage to the original packaging while serving the demands of the current marketplace.
Theo Chocolate Special edition milk & dark Jane Goodall chocolate bar packaging.
BICR Concept Illustration for a new line of marketing materials for a local coffee roaster.